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Note: My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

"Secrete Spaces", watercolor, 30"x 22".

Hope Everson has been artist in residence in Stuart since 1982. A master of transparent washes, Hope's delicate renderings of scenics and intimate portraits of wildflowers has created a broad portfolio of nature subjects ranging from the American SW, Blue Ridge Mountains and of course her native Florida.

"Lotus Pond", oil, 30"x 22".

Kelly Arnold teaches all ages in painting and art-related subjects. Her work includes a variety of diverse subjects and mediums. She is also known for her beautiful, creative portraits.

"Lotus Looking Up", photographic print, 10"x 8".

Sue Kanabe has been photographing the lotus pond for two years and enjoys capturing the flowers from extreme vantage points. She has just started to do some paintings based on her images.

"Lotus Loving Cup", 5.5 inch diam, glazed ceramic.
"Lotus 39,102", digital images

Ed Fisher has been photographing the lotus pond for the past four years and occasionaly creates versions in other media.

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