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Note: My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

Samadhi as Journey Through a Consciousness Wormhole

In the 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind , Richard Dreyfuss's character- as an after-effect of an encounter with a UFO, becomes obsessed with a vision of a form that drives a compulsion to create a three-dimensional replica and reveal its meaning. During family dinner he spontaneously starts piling the mashed potatoes into a heap in the first of a series of chronic outbursts where he uses increasingly exotic material to build a realistic model. He winds up tearing up his suburban yard and throwing a ton of dirt and plant debris through a window into a room where he builds a monolithic pile- landscaped to resemble a mountain with its top cut off. It turns out extraterrestrials have subliminally imbued enlightened Earthlings with this vision to draw them to a landmark that turns out to be the Devil's Tower in Wyoming for a rendezvous with benevolent space aliens.

In my return from Nirvikalpa Samadhi - the transporting energy stream injected 'me' into a separate filamentous entity - resolved out of a transparent membrane that seemed to spread infinitely in two dimensions - resembling a funnel opening - narrowing to a more opaque, pale-brown tube that made several turns where it connected to the top of the head of an unrecognized form. 'I' felt 'myself' shoot into the funnel and slip down into the tube and become injected into this physical body in a fraction of a second- like 'I' was the compressed air filling a rubber beach toy inflating tight against 'my' skin. This moment evoked an acutely pleasant emotion of "coming home". During this entire return journey, 'my' consciousness had a diffuse sense of self but with no identity as a human or any memory or perception of Earthly phenomenal reality.

There is an obvious analogy for my Nirvikalpa Samadhi journey to theories of quantum consciousness and how information may pass between alternate reality universes. But for me, the most compelling artifact of this theoretical body is the feature of most graphic models of wormholes that show funnel-shaped timespace warps with a narrowing connecting throat- and it is this visual analogy that fixes my belief that my funnel/tube is veridical evidence of samadhi reality. (I had my samadhi in 1970 and along with my naiveté about religious and metaphysical concepts- had never been exposed to any scientific notions of alternative universes much less any wormhole theories or string-theory branes which would disparage any constructivism explanation for the manifestation of this epiphenomena.)

This explains my quasi-compulsive 'Close Encounters' preoccupation to create graphic illustrations and to find evidence of synchronicity for this feature in science, prophetic religion and the non-dual traditions and this page will present some things I found directly or symbolically suggestive of its reality.

Images- diagrammatic and quasi-representational- of the episode I perceived as the "energy stream" shot "me" out into a "Consciousness Wormhole" - all shown from extrovert perspectives.

Update 01 07 12 A slow-mo animated gif portraying the moment in returning from my Nirvikalpa non-dual episode (now back in a state of conscious duality) when the energy stream injected me into a funnel opening to an astral cord connected to the top of the head of my unconscious body - some 30 or so feet below. I felt myself slip instantaneously through the tube and fill the volume of my body like the air filling a beach toy - evoking a distinct feeling of "coming home" well-being and was immediately swept into unconscious sleep.

Images from Non-Dual Traditions Depicting an 'Astral Cord' Connecting Body and Soul
Soul leaving body after death through astral cords (Tibet)- sketch of picture in print version of article online in Discover Magazine, June, 2007 entitled Soul Search: Will natural science pin down our supernatural essence? by Jane Bosveld.
Symbolic Images- astral wormhole and a samadhi wormhole to the naked singularity

The visionary image of a photon by Jan-Henrik Anderson (below) although fanciful may be a synchronicity for David Bohm's super implicate order and Stanislav Grof's holotropic universe. Imagine its micro wormhole-like feature as a holographic element of a consciousness fractal that is repeated throughout cosmic space- from the Planck scale to the cosmological with my samadhi funnel/tube manifestation- an astral human-scale, macro wormhole.

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot; An online book that reveals the extraordinary depth and power of this radical theory. He explains the theory behind a holograph and how it provides a model for aspects of brain function and for whole areas of quantum physics. Talbot illustrates the paranormic way in which the holographic model makes sense of the entire range of mystical, spiritual and psychic experiences. A beautiful website by Wendy Howard who has integrated both homeopathy and astrology into a professional practice. Although I hold an uninformed skepticism regarding each of these "disciplines" Howard presents some provocative essays providing insight into many of the metaphysical and new science reality paradigms I support but elucidated via her more advanced knowledge-base and intellect. She presents an animated gif of toroidal flow pattern that is a meditative mandala for contemplating the convection of immanent and transcendent consciousness through a wormhole within the holographic sea of reality. See also Permaculturing in Portugal - a chronicle of a bold, out-of-the-box, transformative move for Wendy and her family.

Descriptions and/or graphics of wormholes, black holes or space-time warp that suggest synchronicity with my numinous funnel-tube.

There is already a huge body of works proposing synthesis between metaphysics and science and a veritable infinity of permutations and combinations of features that could be thrown into the analytical mix. Anyone can google synthesis+metaphysics+quantum+physics for an extended overview of the subject. For this discussion I will focus on synchronicities that arise between features in my Nirvikalpa Samadhi journey and a few concepts on the forefront of theoretical physics: brane pair of string theory, naked singularities, and wormholes.

A cosmos with no beginning or end by Richard Talcott (Astronomy, March, 09) Uncertainties about the Big Bang helped motivate cosmologists Paul J. Steinhardt of Princeton University and Neil Turok of Cambridge University to develop a theory they call the "cyclic model of the universe." The model envisions a universe that undergoes limitless cycles. Each cycle begins with a Big Bang, is followed by a long period of expansion and cooling, and ends with a Big Crunch. The cycle repeats perhaps once every trillion years. The Big Bang that launched our current universe is just the latest in a long line of such bangs. Our universe exists on a three-dimensional membrane, or "brane" for short, near a second such brane. (The distance between the branes lies along a fourth spatial dimension.)

My concurrent dual-nondual, 200% reality model finds a poignant synchronicity with this two-brane theory- even in the feature I describe of returning from my samadhi as the stream ejected me into a funnel-like opening in a filamentous membrane. At the time- the membrane appeared to fade into invisibility beyond the area impacted by the funnel but later conceptualizing suggested that it would likely compose an astral layer fractaly configured in relationship to each particular human consciousness whether everyone in a Kumbh Mela multitude on the banks of the Ganges or an astronaut visiting the moon.

Thus- two cosmological branes engaged in an infinitely recycling dynamic- could be a manifestation of two analogous branes of consciousness, first- our free-will minds by which we perceive immanent material reality and second- a transcendent, deterministic state constituting the ground of all being (Brahman). Whether manifest or consciousness- the two branes could be in a dynamic relationship as in the cyclic model so that ultimate reality may still be conceived as infinitely evolving.

There can be little doubt that my experiential episode with the funnel-tube also suggests a startling synchronicity with concepts about wormholes and naked singularities.

Wormhole by David Darling: The Internet Encyclopedia of Science - A hypothetical "tunnel" connecting two different points in spacetime in such a way that a trip through the wormhole could take much less time than a journey between the same starting and ending points in normal space. The ends of a wormhole could, in theory, be intra-universe (i.e. both exist in the same universe) or inter-universe (exist in different universes, and thus serve as a connecting passage between the two).

Singularity is examined here as analogous to the well-known singularity in physics, the black hole, where you cannot see beyond the event horizon because light cannot escape from it. In a similar manner, our unaltered mind cannot directly perceive the Consciousness Singularity because it is beyond our immanent cognitive capabilities- except through Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Naked Singularity Scientific American January, 2009. Do Naked Singularities Break the Rules of Physics? The black hole has a troublesome sibling, the naked singularity. Physicists have long thought--hoped--it could never exist. But could it? All kinds of processes unknown to science may occur at the singularity, yet they have no effect on the outside world. Astronomers plotting the orbits of planets and stars can safely ignore the uncertainties introduced by singularities and apply the standard laws of physics with confidence. Whatever happens in a black hole stays in a black hole according to the Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis. Yet a growing body of research calls this working assumption into question. Researchers have found a wide variety of stellar collapse scenarios in which an event horizon does not in fact form, so that the singularity remains exposed to our view. Physicists call it a naked singularity. Matter and radiation can both fall in and come out. Whereas visiting the singularity inside a black hole would be a one-way trip, you could in principle come as close as you like to a naked singularity and return to tell the tale. (Image: The naked singularity continuum manifests Gaia - the biogenic universe - to be known.)

(m-g: This suggests a tantalizing analogy or synchronicity to the role of Nirvikalpa Samadhi realization and its relationship to the phenomenal, material world in which we are born, live in and die. It provides a state of consciousness by which a consciousness singularity is exposed to our view and we are returned to tell the tale.)

Update 01 01 10: See Upanishad Synchronicity in 500 b.c., where this image of Gaia revealing the Singularity is a powerful iconography for the cosmography and events in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad describing the soul's journey at death. I directly experience the scenario where I'm confronted by a gatekeeper consciousness (that in the Upanishad is identified as the spirit guide alternatively as Inga-Indra or an aspect of Isvara (sic) Himself - who I name cosmos Gaia as immanent manifest of Brahman), that delivers a subliminal ultimatum that I make a choice between returning to life or agree to die in order to continue my mysterious journey into the unknown. When I answer "Yes" to irreversible death, I am graced passage and my dual conscious "soul" is posessed and transported to the border of the universe (that the Upanishad identifies as the Cosmic Vayu - Hiranyagarbha Prana) There, in a brief state of colloquial limbo- a blazing light annihilates all form and dual consciousness and in a slow-motion explosion I expand into a non dual union with the light, bliss and love of the Godhead, Isvara, Brahman singularity. See animation Dual-Non Dual Transformation An animated Flash portrayal of the moment in my samadhi journey when the blazing light transforms my substance and consciousness from duality to non duality.

Websites presenting quantum consciousness theory that suggest synchronicity with my samadhi journey.

The Quantum Mind of Stuart Hameroff Today we're talking with Stuart Hameroff M.D., Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology, and Director of the Center for Consciousness Studies, at the University of Arizona. Dr Hameroff is best-known for his research on 'quantum consciousness', an alternative model to the accepted view of how consciousness arises. With Sir Roger Penrose, Dr Hameroff has proposed that consciousness arises at the quantum level within structures inside neurons, known as microtubules.

David Chalmers Resources for consciousness studies.

Wormhole 'no use' for time travel By Paul Rincon BBC News science - examines the subject of creating a traversable wormhole large enough to accomodate a human body.

Tau Zero Foundation The News Forum thread on creating traversable wormholes.

Logic and Religions by Dirk Laureyssens, MSc. The time has come to demonstrate in a new logic way that "Truth is One" and the Universal Force is present in everything and every being. Logic insight in the Great Chain of Being and in the interdependency of all it creatures is needed. Where the Universal Force whether called God, Brahman, Allah or other Names is genderless, without any manifestation or duality. Therefore we can call this the Neutral Energy, having the potency to manifest itself. Every religion gives it a proper name, like Brahman, and from a scientific point it can be called a Membrane, but then with the postulate that it is a continuous, non-breakable, very elastic and dynamic Membrane. This is a new concept in Cosmology and logic. See also his holon wormhole.

Our World a Giant Hologram? New Scientist, January 2009 by Marcus Chown; According to Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Batavia, Illinois, the idea that we live in a hologram probably sounds absurd, but it is a natural extension of our best understanding of black holes, and something with a pretty firm theoretical footing. It has also been surprisingly helpful for physicists wrestling with theories of how the universe works at its most fundamental level.

Chronon by Stephen Lee. An open-minded review of books, articles and websites of authors with a thorough scientific background approaching various fundamental scientific/metaphysical controversies. Examples Consciousness and Wormholes. There are two parts to the study of traversable wormholes see applet. Firstly there is the question of finding a solution to the equations of general relativity which represents a wormhole. Secondly there is the study of the properties of such objects, and in particular how they can lead to time travel without paradoxes.

The cosmic silver cord that connects our soul with Brahman, Ishvara singularity.

The Vedic Subtle Anatomy for a Living Being- consisting of five kosa (states of consciousness) or sheaths. The strongest features of synchronicity with my Nirvikalpa Samadhi are the concept that all states function "simultaneously" in life (my term: concurrently) and that at death, the astral soul retains the three kosa in the Vedic model that relate to the state of dual awareness that occurred in both the ascent and descent portions of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi journey plus the anandamaya kosa that is the ground of the soul that continues on to be transported to transcendent Brahman non dual consciousness in samadhi and death.

Samadhi Anecdotal Accounts Examples of the variety of scenarios that manifest in the state of duality that may in rare instances be precursors to the transformation of consciousness into the non-dual state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, how these projections can color whatever realization paradigm the experiencer may compose and some rare scenarios with features with striking synchronicity to those in my Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Defining two classes of materialist or physicalism bias: Traditional/naive materialism is the belief that there is a material world and that that is the only ontological realm which exists. Modern materialism is the belief that all patterns of connection and influence can be reduced to physical patterns of connection and influence - that physical determinism is necessarily true. Either protocol rejects any and all reality to theistic, metaphysical, paranormal, numinous or transcendent epiphenomena while even more ephemeral topics such as dark energy, wormholes and god particles are respected as visionary knowledge since they are evolved from the physicalist continuum of theoretical physics. Meanwhile- the entire subject of consciousness is cast into limbo.

Information Entropy Through Wormhole Entanglement

Holofractal Comments Thread posts links to audio/visual examples of psychedelic sound tracks, icaros, synesthesia, etc.

Dark Energy Chronicles Are there any cosmological metaphors in Upanishads or other bodies of sacred Vedic or non dual texts or in the phenomenological or ontology of contemporary philosophers for integrating theories of dark energy that suggest a science/spirituality synthesis? An exploration of dark matter and energy from perspectives of science, quantum mechanics, consciousness and ontology.

Consciousness Mediated Quantum Gravitational Collapse Via Generated Wormholes: From Macrosopic Biophysical to Microsopic Quantum Arguments by Dejan Rakovic and Miroljub Dugic. Proc 3rd Int. Conf. Computational Intelligence & Neuroscience, Research Triangle Park/Durham, NC, 1998. The EM field is only one out of four manifestations of the unified physical field, it can be tentatively generalized that the unified field may be internal conscious display for various physical processes, implying that Nature itself has consciousness at all structural levels - which is supported by analogous mathematical formalisms of Feynman's version of the Schroedinger equation and Hopfield's holographic neural network dynamics, implying similar information processing on both microscopic quantum and macroscopic biophysical levels.

Revelations of Chance by Roderick Main - Chapter 3: The Spiritual Dimension of Spontaneous Synchronicities; The spiritual concepts whose relationships to synchronicity I shall discuss are numinosity, miraculousness, transformation, unity, transcendence and immanence, providence, and revelation. Roderick Main examines what Swiss psychiatrist C. G. Jung called meaningful coincidence.

Sahaja and Jivanmukta Questions- a further examination of Hindu and Non-Hindu views of Jivanmukti and the identity and character of the 'supreme' samadhi.

Links to Insights to Samadhi- which are essentially distinct from NDEs or OOBs in that consciousness tends to manifest the non-dual and contentless nature that characterizes the state of nirvikalpa samadhi

A synchronicity of my vision of god to a samadhi wormhole

Around age 7 or 8- just before falling asleep I had a spontaneous vision of a slender figure with a conical cap, silhouetted against a bright light at the end of long tunnel- dancing. I thought it was God, that left me with an "icky" (queasy) feeling. It was only after my effort to integrate my nirvikalpa Samadhi that I realized the figure had a striking resemblance to Nataraja and the vision bore a synchronicity to the perennial scenario of a light at the end of a tunnel. Recently I realize it was also immediately symbolic of the concept of the samadhi wormhole.

It appears that the concepts associated with wormholes that co-evolved out of science fiction and theoretical cosmology have taken on the attributes of a Meme-Complex. reflections on memes, meme-complex, memetic lexicon, etc. by Tony Hindle. Here is how the memetic lexicon (Glenn Grant) defines Meme and Meme-Complex:

MEME: (pron. 'meem') A contagious information pattern that replicates by symbiotically infecting human minds and altering their behavior, causing them to propagate the pattern. (Term coined by Dawkins, by analogy with "gene".) Individual slogans, catch-phrases, melodies, icons, inventions, and fashions are typical memes. An idea or information pattern is not a meme until it causes someone to replicate it, to repeat it to someone else. All transmitted knowledge is memetic. (Wheelis, quoted in Hofstadter.)

MEME-COMPLEX: A set of mutually-assisting memes which have co-evolved a symbiotic relationship. Religious and political dogmas, social movements, artistic styles, traditions and customs, chain letters, paradigms, languages, etc. are meme-complexes. Also called an m-plex, or scheme (Hofstadter). Types of co-memes commonly found in a scheme are called the: bait; hook; threat; and vaccime. A successful scheme commonly has certain attributes: wide scope (a paradigm that explains much); opportunity for the carriers to participate and contribute; conviction of its self-evident truth (carries Authority); offers order and a sense of place, helping to stave off the dread of meaninglessness. (Wheelis, quoted by Hofstadter.)

E.O. Wilson and B.F. Skinner: A Dialogue Between Sociobiology and Radical Behaviorism (Google eBook) 2009 by Paul Naour. References to Skinner and Wilson on the importance of memetic imitation and gene-culture co-evolution. Reviews of Dawkins' selfish gene and Lumsden and Wilson (1981) on the process of epigenesis.

Picking up on another major element in Ken Wilber's Theory of Everything- Dirk Laureyssens introduced an engineering concept for holons: Till we introduced this holon engineering concept the holons were a type of abstraction which explained a hierarchic interconnectivity. Interconnectivity is an important aspect in all religions. General Jan Smuts described an abstract holistic connectivity. In 1967 Arthur Koestler described the Holon - still an abstraction - as a "self-assertiveness tendency" (wholeness) as well as an "integrative tendency". Laureyssens presents a highly sophisticated, graphical model involving superstring theory, wormholes and holons with pelastrating dimensions. See also his Logic and Religions

There is no doubt that wormhole/black hole schema are reaching into the epistemology of science, metaphysics and philosophy and are replicating as a meme-complex in the reality paradigm of a collective consciousness.

Black hole theories were just starting to percolate in the end of 1950s and conceptual artist Lee Bontecou became spellbound (a la Close Encounters) by their enigma and spent the next ten years making drawings, lithographs and installation sculptures that incorporated the theme to one degree or another. Her works became famous in the world of art- some included in MOMA's permanent collection- but I think at the time, the black hole was perceived by the art community more as an existential space lurking as an unsettling generic mystery rather than in its own right as a feature specific to cosmological or consciousness reality.

Art Review Christies 2007 auction of Lee Bontecou work- Untitled 1959 - and review that describes the existential symbolism of the black hole with no reference to the cosmological percepts.

Big Bang Involution Exploring the implications of Big Bang and biological evolutionary theory and potential for a slide show to provide a vizualization to reinforce the metaphysical contemplation of their reality.

The image is a symbolic representation of my samadhi journey through our collective knowledge of material reality (universal inflation from the Big Bang) to the supreme reality of Brahman.